Do You Live In A World Full Of Hostility?

Albert Einstein said the single most important decision we make is deciding if we live in a Hostile or A Friendly Universe. I choose friendly. What did you choose?

Were you aware you get to choose? In a way, the choice is similar to Yoda’s quote in Star Wars, “Do or Don’t Do There is no Try.” Not choosing is, by default, letting someone else choose for you. Are you happy with their choice? If you could choose to have whatever you want in life, what would it be? When would you want it?

I’m Joe Murphy. When I was born, I was given a Gift – My Creative Intention. I imagined a world where we all see our truth: We’re One with the Creative Presence, an eternal beautiful loving Presence. Call it God, The Force, The Light; it doesn’t care what we call it. It cares that we choose, experience and pursue happiness. We can choose the Hostile or the Friendly Universe, the Hot or the Cold, the Light or the Dark. We’re expected to choose what makes us happy and whole.

What I do with my gift, my Creative Intention – How I Develop it – Experience it – Mature it, is My gift back to life when I leave this world. I’m building a Community guiding through a Proven Framework Creating, Developing and Mastering Being Our Best and feeling the Inner Satisfaction, Peace, Joy & Love that comes with Being Our Best!

We’re each given our own Creative Intention and our adventure is developing it through our journey and leaving this world feeling an immense sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and excitement in preparing for our next adventure.

I believe, advocate and support that Reaching For Our Star is Life’s Greatest Adventure! I’m asking – Is Life The Adventure You Imagined? If not, It’s time to get real with ourselves. No more guessing, no more presuming, no more hoping and waiting – it’s Our time! I invite you to reach for the life you’ve imagined by accepting this Breakthrough Invitation to Access Closely Guarded Secrets, Timeless Insights & New Findings within an Engaging, Supportive and Fun Community for Gratefully & Effortlessly Living the Adventure of a Lifetime tapping into the Essential Steps for Our Emerging Consciousness!

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Imagine that your favorite friend started baking a cake, only to discover they were out of sugar, and asked you if they could borrow some, but you were also out of sugar so you could not loan them any. We can’t share or give what we do not have.

My unifying message, shared in different ways on different sites, from different perspectives is – Love is the answer. And it starts with loving ourselves first. It’s been said that the heart is the greediest organ we have. The heart takes the best blood and uses that to deliver each organ exactly what it needs when it needs it. Since the heart can only give of what it has, the heart takes the best.

The same for love. Until we have complete acceptance and love for ourselves, we can’t continually, fully and completely accept and love someone else, regardless of how much we may want to. Although we simply can’t give what we do not have, we can – and it’s our responsibility to pursue and develop what we want. That’s where mastering the essential steps for our emerging consciousness show the way!

I believe we can through conscious choices with consistent follow through in what we initiate, respond and experience a full lifetime of choice. Indeed, I think this is the original intention and expectation. It is only by being hurt, losing ourselves that we don’t.

For an analogy, visualize a young excited expectant child that feels fully prepared for their athletic competition event. Leaving home, they’re imagining how the game will play out; the experience they will have. Yet, on the way to the park something unexpected happens and they become distracted and loses focus. They suddenly awaken, feeling disoriented, to find themselves immersed in the competition. The question is will they regain their footing – their confident awareness?

If they do, they fulfill their earlier expectation and proceed to a different league/level! If they don’t, there will be another day. They’ll get another chance, another competition.

And so it is with us, our life, our experiences and our pursuit of happiness.

I welcome any comments you’d like to share with me here.

Welcome to Living Full Tilt!