Why Our Choice Counts (Conclusion)

In my last post, I reviewed how the human progression has stalled out in life’s journey and how that stall out affects our progress in accepting, forgiving and loving ourselves unconditionally.

As promised, here is the solution.

Life tilts in our favor when we frame our perspective to focus on converting our pains to our advantage. When we let our suffering deepen our awareness, empathy and compassion for ourselves and others, we grow more forgiving and loving through life’s pains. After watching his family and friends die as he survived the Nazi concentration camps, Viktor Frankl put it this way: “I grasped the meaning of the greatest secret that human poetry and human thought and belief have to impart: The salvation of man is through love and in love.”

That is exactly what this post is about!

It is all about discovering and exploring life’s progression from the Sensory realm to Intuition, where our Inner Awareness (what we call Inner-Sense), dwells behind life’s curtain where we discover and experience the world of imagine, ask and receive.

This is a step-by-step progression in which each step develops our recognizing, acknowledging and accepting and then opens the doorway to developing our skills and confidence in our “feel”. This “feel” is the lynchpin in developing trust in our intuition.

This is where everything has stalled out. Throughout time, we have been brainwashed to fear, distrust and avoid focusing on developing our “feel”. We have read of the witch hunts and of disowning anyone who strayed from the path, who looked behind life’s curtain and dared question authority. The witch hunts made a spectacle of burning witches at the stake, assuring the spectators got the message – Be afraid! Don’t go there! You don’t have a choice; Comply!

Humanity has made tremendous leaps in being open and receptive to science and awareness. It’s taken what seems an eternity but eventually curiosity led to knowledge led to understanding. If you’re ready, these are the steps to make your own choice.

The first step is a deceptive “fork in the road.” It’s tempting to ask, “Why did they do this?” What was their purpose, their intention? Some argue it was to control and others believe it was to protect humanity from itself. Both are arguable. Regardless, it doesn’t matter now.

The first choice is to try and figure out the “Why” of “What” occurred. This does not break you free of it. Nothing will change because the energy you’re giving it makes it stronger. Remember the story in Part 1 of the two wolves? It’s the same principle here. What you give your focus and energy to grows – while the other wolf starves and dies.

The second choice is to disregard the “Why”. Let it go completely. Accept that it doesn’t matter “Why” the “What” happened. Accept it as it is and continue on your life’s journey. Accept that whatever happened was meant as a learning experience and move on. This choice feeds the second wolf, the wolf of success, joy and happiness.

Which path will you choose to travel on?

Traveling this path, you open the door, look behind the curtain, and discover how to tilt life in your favor. How? You discover the strength in being: Open – Receptive – Forgive – Love – Peace – Joy – Gratitude!

To be Open is extremely important because if we do not, we are not vulnerable. Being vulnerable lets us be Receptive to the insights and lessons the Universe brings to your attention. It gives us the ability to Forgive (ourselves and everyone else completely), Love (ourselves, everyone and everything unconditionally), be at Peace, experience Joy in every moment and give Gratitude for the Oneness you feel.

At this point, I suggest you use My Ask Process.

Go through the process by asking yourself the following: “What is it the Universe wants me to learn?” I remind myself God loves me and has my back. Think of something that fills me with love and gratitude. Focus on that until I feel its warmth in my heart and a smile on my face.

Then ask:
1. “How does it get better than this?” I am not asking myself; I am asking God. Consequently, I leave this to God.

2. “What is the best thing for me to do now?”

Focus on your response to Questions #2. Take action on what you need to do to follow through.


Through using My Ask Process and giving others the benefit of the doubt, you will find that:

1. You free yourself from judging, labeling and the urge for revenge while simultaneously positioning yourself to fulfilling your own potentiality. Are you ready to change your world? Growing into your own potentiality is the greatest service you can give the world.

2. Understanding and accepting another person’s behavior towards you is only a mirror reflection of the struggle going on within them. It’s their relationship with themselves! It only seems to be a statement about your value as a person. It’s personal to them, not personal to you unless you absorb their message like a sponge. Have you thought of it that way? See the real-life account of a boy who was a bully throughout school before realizing the futility of dealing with his own self-image by bullying others and became a monk in “BTW – Nothing IS Personal!”.

3. By looking behind the curtain, developing your intuition and practicing your skills, you assimilate and demonstrate Descartes’ insight: “If you would be a real seeker of truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.” By asking life to prove it, you are open and receptive to all.

4. Using LFT’s Open – Receptive – Forgive – Love – Peace – Joy – Gratitude approach, you experience the truth in Swami Vivekananda’s comment, “All the powers in the Universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.” Imagine, your results by applying Descartes’ insight to practice looking behind the curtain and discover/experience your powers of forgiveness, love and gratitude.

Life is not about what do we expect from it – but rather what does life expect from us.

If these posts speak to your heart, you won’t want to miss the next post, a deeper dive into the counter-intuitive secrets to growing your own potentiality!

Love, Peace and best wishes! All you’ve wished for is within your grasp!


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