Growing Your Own Potentiality!

Last week I concluded my series on Why Our Choice Counts and closed with LFT’s new signature line, “All you’ve wished for is within your grasp!” Our new signature line is intended to be encouragement and an invitation to visit this site frequently. Immerse yourself in LFT’s message of Being Open – Receptive – Forgive – Love – Peace – Joy – Gratitude, an excellent approach to Living Full Tilt!

When you’re practicing this approach, life tilts in your favor! I’m not asking you to take my word for it. On the contrary, do as I did – Doubt It. Make life prove itself to your satisfaction!


Start with following the steps below. You’re welcome to email questions you may have or that may arise, to me. Generally, you may expect a response within 2-4 business days. As with any adventure, understand delays may and will occur. Delays are not happenstance; they happen for a reason – to bring us a gift that assists us.

Similar to you and me, LFT is an emerging work in progress. As I complete the next stage of direction and development, I’m open and receptive to answer your questions and respond to your comments.

LFT, the site and the book, introduces the background, presents the steps, and encourages you on what we think is Life’s Greatest Adventure – Your journey to growing your own potentiality. In this reality, You, I – we have infinite potentiality!


Why Am I Here? One word: Love!

Love is the energy interaction emerging through you and me. Through everyone and everything! From one perspective: Everyone and everything are each a piece of the emerging consciousness puzzle. This interaction adds flavor, texture, color, and personality when developing our piece.

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? Expand Our Perspective!

Our perspective guides our growth because it shapes How we experience and frames What we experience! Being open and receptive facilitates how we love, forgive, have compassion and empathy. Their interplay and interaction expand or restrict our perspective.

How to Accept, Forgive and Love Ourselves Unconditionally? Through Grace!

Reimagine how you visualize grace. Think of it like oxygen! Do you ever go without oxygen? No, because you can’t. Visualize grace as a concoction of a mother’s “Ouchy kisses” combined with Our Creator smiling, rubbing your shoulders while telling you, “(Your name), You’re my child, I’m so proud of you! I love you (Your name again).” [Be sure you add your name. That helps your imagination make it more real.] How does that make you feel? Carry that feeling with you… always! Imagine a flowing river of grace. The more grace you give yourself, the more your grace flows. Giving others grace also increases your flow. Imagine it. Grace changes your life in so many ways. Experience it.

Why We Live The Story We Tell Ourselves? You Can Write Yourself a New Story!

Our lives are like reading a captivating book or watching a mesmerizing movie. We embrace and experience the storyline. In our own reality, we tell ourselves as events occur that “This is how life is,” not realizing “No, it’s how OUR life is!” But we can write ourselves a new story! We have the power to rewrite our story. We’ve done it before. We started when we were too young to recognize what we were doing. Suddenly, without realizing it, we internalized our experiences and were telling ourselves “This is how life is!”

BTW – Why Do We Take IT Personal? Nothing IS Personal!

Words can sting, even scar us for life. Teaching children the Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me nursery rhyme is ineffective, at best.

Instead, why not teach what ‘personal’ means – it belongs to whoever made it, said it or did it. If they said it or did it, it belongs only to them – until we accept it as a gift and soak it up like a sponge. If we act like a sponge and soak up the dirty water (insult, hurtful comment, or just a comment they give to “help” us) we own the message we soak up – but it’s by our own choice. Unintentional, undesired and unwelcome as that may be.

Children can be taught to accept the other is struggling with a problem. Perhaps negative self-image, home life, neglect. They don’t know how to deal with it except by being mean to others. Regardless, it’s the child’s choice. Unknowingly, they choose how to receive the message. When we come to accept that perspective, our world changes!

In this post, as we develop our skills, it’s like baking a cake and suddenly discovering how adding different ingredients changes the cake. Developing these skills creates a synergistic aura enhancing our journey in magical ways. One of these is realizing even our own ‘oops,’ aka mistakes and slipups, aren’t personal, simply a growing experience. A parent doesn’t take it personally when their infant has a dirty diaper. It’s not personal when we’re too young or simply don’t know better.

When I have an ‘oops’ moment, I’ve learned to imagine God looking at me, smiling, and bragging “My child is growing!” That vision makes me feel great! It even changed my perspective on mistakes and slipups.

Additionally, by adopting this perspective, we take forgiveness to a new advanced level. When we cease taking things personally, feelings don’t get easily hurt. There’s little if anything to forgive so forgiveness becomes a forgotten relic of the past. Imagine that.

If these posts speak to your heart, don’t miss next week.

Love, Peace and best wishes! All you’ve wished for is within your grasp!


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