How to Accept, Forgive and Love Ourselves Unconditionally

No matter what you call “IT,” most people will agree that there is One Source, a Divine Energy that exists. I believe that Divine Energy is assembling a Universal mosaic; a jigsaw puzzle.

Each of us is a piece of this puzzle. We are all unique and we each have a specific spot that we fit into, which helps in completing the puzzle.

Looking at the puzzle on a macro level, the One Source, through our experiences, is able to also experience life. Everything around us is pieces to the puzzle.

Going deeper, the puzzle on the micro level, our piece – our life – is being created through our thoughts, words and actions; what we initiate and how we respond or react. Our challenges, experiences, intentions, words, and actions give our piece its color, depth, character, scope and texture.

To develop our piece to its highest form, each of us need to learn to accept, forgive and love ourselves unconditionally. Right here and now, regardless the circumstances, feel grateful for your new perspective and awareness in being you. Huh? There’s no way! Oh, but there is – really!

First, you must unconditionally accept yourself for exactly what you are. You must look honestly at yourself and say to yourself, “I accept you with all your flaws and shortcomings. I forgive you for all disappointments and failures. You did the very best you could with what you knew and had at those times. You are God’s child and God loves you and so do I. I love you and know that you love me.”

By accepting, forgiving and loving yourself, you open the flood gates that the Divine Energy flows through us. The more we accept, forgive, and love ourselves; the stronger, smoother and more uninterrupted becomes the Divine Energy’s flow.

Paraphrasing Rumi, a 13th century Persian poet, mystic and theologian who gave us many insights, our challenge is not love. It’s finding and removing the inner barriers we built blocking and stagnating it. As we remove those barriers, our love flows and becomes vibrantly fresh. As we accept, forgive, and love ourselves unconditionally, we feel gloriously alive.

With the Divine Energy’s love flowing through you, you continue to build and strengthen your own life’s experience. In addition, you can encourage others to do the same. Helping others intensifies our Divine Energy and enables them to open to accepting, forgiving, and loving themselves, which they can then help others do. It is the pebble in the pond effect; ripples expanding out forever.

With accepting, forgiving and loving yourself, you experience your oneness with The Source. You become at peace with yourself. You realize that you can handle anything and everything that comes your way. Life becomes more than bearable; it becomes joyous and exciting!

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