LFT’s Embrace Our Giants Process

Sir Isaac Newton “is widely recognized as one of the most influential scientists of all time and as a key figure in the scientific revolution.” In a letter to a friend, he commented “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

It was standard practice of those who accomplished great deeds to acknowledge those who had inspired, guided and encouraged them.

We gain access through media including but not limited to stories, poetry and music. Although I use them all, excerpts in the form of quotes are one of my favorite tools or resources to inspire, motivate or prepare myself. I dubbed it – Embrace Our Giants! I visualize them, whichever media (print, audio, video) and source I’m focusing on, as being there with me, like a close friend.

I imagine them whispering their insights to me. Whispering their hard-earned secrets that helped them work through their obstacles. You see, they did their thing. They climbed their mountain, had their experiences, and they want me to climb my mountain.

They also stood on the shoulders of giants, received the inspiration, encouragement and the insights they needed to achieve their goals. Now I envision they want to pay it forward.

They’re there for me and for you. Inspiring and assisting is similar to being a Big Brother/Sister or a coach. It means – they’re still in the game – just at a different position. They had their adventure of a lifetime that comes only from being in the Arena.

They want to inspire and encourage you and me, give us that extra step that propels us to make the best of our moment!

Between you and me, it is through experience that we learn what does and doesn’t work. We also gain Insights and understanding on how to do it faster, better, more effectively the next time. Counter-intuitively, our experience does not have to be “our personal experience.” It’s possible to gain the benefits of experience in various ways, including listening to and/or observing others. Even imagining it. As well as physically doing it.


First, I accept I’m loved more than I can comprehend, I’m more important than I understand, and God gives me my daily bread. Therefore, I choose to see every event, even the ones that devastate, as a gift. I don’t have to understand. I know its intention and purpose is to assist me make the best of the journey I chose. Sometimes it’s a pop-quiz. A practice drill for me to check my progress or find what needs attention. Other times it’s practice to help me get stronger because something good is coming. I may have to dig to find it but there’s always a gift.

I found to be Open is extremely important because if we’re not, we’re guarded and not vulnerable. Being vulnerable lets us be Receptive to the insights and lessons the Universe brings to your attention. It gives us the ability to Forgive (ourselves and everyone else completely), Love (ourselves, everyone and everything unconditionally), be at Peace, experience Joy in every moment and give Gratitude for the Oneness you feel and hold that gratitude in your mind and heart – Ask.

Follow Descartes’ advice when he said, “If you would be a real seeker of truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.” By first doubting then practicing, you experience and understand, as Galileo concluded, “All things are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” Being Open and Receptive gives me new eyes to discover new doors to explore.

This is why My Ask Process is so important and vitally essential. First, to channel then fully release Divine Energy flow. To fully release, we must accept, as Descartes pointed out: “Except for our own thoughts, there is nothing absolutely in our power” so let go of attachment to the result.

Mother Theresa said, “God doesn’t ask that we succeed in everything, but that we are faithful. However beautiful our work may be, let us not become attached to it. Always remain prepared to give it up, without losing your peace.”

The key is choosing, practicing, and following up practice by reminding yourself with the words, “I’m practicing, I’m getting there!” This process creates an ongoing success cycle ever increasing your successes, joy and happiness!

When you learned to walk, you didn’t need to understand the principles of walking. You didn’t need positive thinking. You needed a model, real or imagined, encouragement, external or internal; and you needed to practice. Again and again, real or imagined.

The keys are: Try and just don’t give up! Practice again and again. Be grateful. Keep written notes. When it doesn’t work, don’t be surprised. Don’t take it personal, just dismiss it with a ‘huh.” “Huh” is a non-judgmental way of acknowledging and releasing your attachment. Get on with it. When you learned to walk, did you keep notes each time you fell? No. Don’t do it. Now or ever.

If you want to expedite your progress, when it works, write it down. When it works again, write it down again and again.

This takes a moment but puts you on the fast track to its achievement and achievement becoming your standard practice.

I’m not asking you to believe that mental models work. I didn’t. But life proved it to me. I’m asking you to practice with them and let experience prove it to you.

Why Mental Models?

Using mental models is one of the oldest, most proven ways to learn. Mental models are how we have observed and concluded “This is how the world works.” Long before you were aware of it, you watched and mimicked others. Your brain is hard wired for learning this way.

In the Embrace Our Giants Process, you pick and choose the traits and patterns that appeal to you and will assist you in believing in yourself, inspire, spark your imagination and encourage you to achieve your goals.

As you practice, imagine yourself having achieved your goal, the joy you’ll feel, how you celebrate your success. Practice the steps. Say to yourself “I’m practicing, I’m getting there.” and follow-up by giving yourself credit. Acknowledge and accept compliments, even if you’re the one giving them.

The Greatest by Kenny Rogers illustrates the experience. I use it and suggest you use it, or another song you like better, as long as it inspires you with a similar emotional uplift. These steps strengthen your belief in yourself and build true self-confidence.

It may be helpful but it’s not necessary to memorize the media verbatim. In fact, I suggest you tweak it, put your spin on it and make it yours. That’s what I do. It’s important that it inspires you and you connect it to your intention.

I do this because it works. I use music and have made karaoke style recordings, inserting my changes. It really pumps me up to play my recording, singing along with myself. It really brings it home!

What is important is sparking the encouragement, inspiration and confidence that assist your experiences in the Arena. Then, with those experiences under your belt, and the true self-confidence that comes naturally with your experience – give someone your shoulders to stand on. Knowing that what you send out comes back to you – pay it forward with joy, peace and love!

Carmen Moshier ~ The Power And The Glory