Prime Consideration When Choosing (Conclusion)

Which Choice Do You Make?

Whether you choose Option One or Option Two, either affects more than you realize.


Einstein realized our choices set the foundation for how we perceive life. He said, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” His statement encourages us to acknowledge the impact our choices make. It wouldn’t be our most important decision if it didn’t. Capitalize on it. Choosing Option Two empowers and maximizes our benefits.

Viktor Frankl, William James and myself, the three examples reviewed in the previous post illustrate the empowerment Option Two gives. Doubt it. Test it. See for yourself. That’s what I did.

Margaret Meade demonstrated she realized it, as shown in this story: A friend commented to her that she was fortunate. More than one would think possible. Margaret had an uncanny knack for what she wanted coming to her. Meade responded, “I am so blessed.” Her friend asked if she knew why. Meade responded, “Because I expect to be.”

Imagine! What if, similar to Margaret, you knew how to expect and receive what you want? Discover, experience and master how to use the counter-intuitive knack for what you want comes routinely to you!

Choosing Option One or Option Two sets the starting point for your life. Choosing Option Two, you open the door, look behind the curtain, and discover how to tilt life in your favor. How? You discover the strength in being: Open – Receptive – Forgive – Love – Peace – Joy – Gratitude!

To be Open is extremely important because if we are not, we are not vulnerable. Being vulnerable allows us be Receptive to the insights and lessons the Universe brings to your attention. It gives us the ability to Forgive (ourselves and everyone else completely), Love (ourselves, everyone and everything unconditionally), be at Peace, experience Joy in every moment, and give Gratitude for the Oneness you feel.

At this point, I suggest you use My Ask Process.
Go through the process by asking yourself the following: “What is it the Universe wants me to learn?” I remind myself God loves me and has my back. Think of something that fills me with love and gratitude. Focus on that until I feel its warmth in my heart and a smile on my face.

Then ask:
1. “How does it get better than this?” I am not asking myself; I am asking God. Consequently, I leave this to God.
2. “What is the best thing for me to do now?”

Focus on your response to Questions #2. Take action on what you need to do to follow through.

James, Frankl and me, we are among the many who through using the Option Two path, changed awareness. Discover and experience the counter-intuitive knack for what you want automatically comes to you!

Frankl and James overcame their situations, became giants and changed the world. Not only for themselves, they made the world better for them having been here.

How do we do that? More on that next week.

Love, Peace and best wishes! All you’ve wished for is within your grasp!

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