There’ll Always Be Me

Carmen Moshier ~ There’ll Always Be Me

Source, God-Presence, is known through countless names. I ask you: If you have a young child, do you mind if they call you Momma/Daddy, Mom/Dad? I didn’t. The tone was more important than the actual word. Does that resonate with you?

Regardless the name each of us uses, God doesn’t care either. We are one with It. When Moses asked God His name, God answered, “I am that I am.”

God is The Presence, The Source. Guess what? As Carmen Moshier sings in the song above, as long as there is a God – there’ll be a you and me. Everyone and everything. From that perspective, there’s no rush. We are a spark of God. God is emerging through His experiences as us.

Whatever the purpose or reason, we, humanity have been taught to accept and believe we are separate from God, and the world is as it appears. This is known as prima facie, accepting life at its superficial appearance.

What was the authorities’ purpose? Their reason for intentionally concealing, denying and hiding from us our connection with God and power through awareness?

Some argue it was to control humanity. Others argue it was to protect humanity from itself – that humanity wasn’t advanced enough to know how to not abuse it. Both are arguable. Regardless, it doesn’t matter now. What matters now is learning, becoming aware.

How do we do that?

Although there are different paths, I advocate the LFT approach. Using closely guarded secrets, timeless insights, and new findings I share, encourage and guide those ready for life’s greatest adventure – to Remember we – you and I, everyone and everything – is one with God, a spark of God’s Sonlight.

Paraphrasing Einstein, I guide to discover and experience. A human being is part of the whole, called by us “universe”; a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest—a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely but the striving for such achievement is, in itself, a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security. Albert Einstein

Remind you of Matrix?

As infants, we begin understanding our world by experiencing it through our 5 senses: taste, hearing, smell, touch and sight – thus starting our journey on the sensory or Physical Path. In our early ages, anomalies, experiences not falling into these categories, are generally dismissed or shrugged off.

As we grow, the frequency of anomalies increases. Our curiosity, intuition and imagination lead us to look deeper, past the surface, and we begin investigating what that means. We may develop unexplained additional senses, including our sixth sense – ESP.

These anomalies gradually lead us to wonder what it is we are not seeing. What is driving the unexplained we have been shrugging off? What is compelling us to begin peeling the onion, looking under the hood for a deeper understanding?

Thus, many begin a natural progression moving to the Metaphysical Path. Exploring what’s underneath the surface, behind life’s curtain of appearance.

Carmen Moshier ~ Children’s Prayer

What do these two stories say to you?

Diane describes her inspiration “Early last week, I was listening to a friend describe how she had watched a cougar catch a baby gopher. What she observed, she recounted, did not strike her as predation – the strong perpetrating upon the weak – but as the flow of the life force itself. This is not the usual perception, and it gave me food for thought. The child’s story below (also for adults) is the outcome of the pondering. I share it with you; it is my take on the incident described by my friend. Perhaps you will have your own take and can write your own story.”

Abuela, Marita and the Baby Gopher

The old woman sat quietly on the round, weathered, moss-covered rock beside the path. Her eyes were half closed, and her face wore a look of deep content as she raised it to absorb the rays of the late afternoon sun. The path ran through a thicket of luxuriously full pine trees which adorned the thicket with their dark green needles and fresh aroma. Quaking aspen, their long trunks covered with black-striped white bark, punctuated the thicket with their flaming yellow crowns. The woman was waiting expectantly. The child would be there any moment now. She breathed in the calm of the forest as she waited. Footsteps were audible long before the child gave voice.

“Abuelita, Abuelita,” her granddaughter’s voice called out, as the fleet-footed seven-year-old rounded the bend in the path.

“I am here, Marita,” the grandmother responded. “I was waiting for you.”

“Abuelita,” the child cried out, racing into her grandmother’s welcoming arms. “Abuelita, I saw a bobcat.”

“How wonderful!” responded the woman. “You saw him, and he did not harm you. That is a good sign.”

“But Abuelita,” protested Marita, “he had a dead baby gopher in his mouth. He was going to eat it.”

“Why do you think that was?” asked her grandmother.

“I think the bobcat was hungry,” asserted Marita. “He was hungry, so he killed a baby gopher. But the baby gopher had not done anything wrong. Why did it have to die?”

“What do you think?” again queried Abuelita.

Marita thought for a moment. “I guess,” she finally offered, “that if the bobcat did not eat the baby gopher, he would go hungry and he would die.”

“Probably,” agreed the grandmother, “if the bobcat did not eat, he would die.”

“But why does someone have to die?” demanded Marita. “If we die, we aren’t alive anymore.”

Abuelita looked at Marita. “You are wearing a beautiful jacket,” she commented.

“Thank you, Abuelita.” Marita looked proudly at her favorite jacket. It was made of a soft, sky-blue denim cloth, and lined in flannel. “But I wanted to know why either the baby gopher or the bobcat had to die.”

“Take off your jacket, Marita,” instructed Abuelita.

Puzzled, Marita complied.

“Now turn it inside out.”

Marita put her hands deep into the sleeves of the jacket and pulled them out until only the flannel was showing. The flannel was pretty, too, checkered with bright red and navy.

“Look,” pointed out Abuelita. “Does your jacket look the same now, or is it different?”

“Of course, it’s different,” declared Marita. “It’s designed to be that way. It’s a reversible jacket.”

“Did the beautiful blue side go away?” Abuelita asked.

“Yes, replied Marita. “But it’s not really gone, it’s just inside and you can’t see it anymore. What does my jacket have to do with a bobcat or a baby gopher?”

“Look around you, Marita. Look at all the beautiful, wonderful life around you. For example, look at the pine tree beside you. Where did it come from?”

“From a seed in a pinecone, of course,” answered Marita.

“What will happen to the pine tree one day?”

Marita thought for a moment. “One day it will die, and turn into a log, and then into the dirt on the ground,” she said.

“Where did the pine tree go?” asked Abuelita.

Marita didn’t answer.

“It is like your jacket,” explained Abuelita. “On the one side, there is beautiful, wonderful life, and the pine tree is alive here. When you turned your jacket inside out, you couldn’t see the beautiful blue anymore. But it was still there. On the other side of being alive here is another side of being alive, just as beautiful. Because we don’t see it, we call it death and think it is not alive. But it is alive, even if we cannot see it.”

“Oh,” murmured Marita.

“Most people think that dying is the end. But it is just turning the jacket inside out. There really is no death, only life. Do you understand?”

“Kind of,” Marita hesitated. “It is like my jacket. I like to wear it blue side out, but I could wear it the other way, too.”

“Good!” exclaimed Abuelita. “Do you feel better about the baby gopher now?”

“Yes, agreed Marita, “but are you going to die, too?”

“One day that will happen, Marita,” averred her grandmother, “but not soon. And when I do go to life’s other side, I will still love you. And then one day you will meet me again.”

Marita gave Abuelita a big hug.

Why this particular story? There are many stories to explain death to children. However, this story is about more than death, or our perception of it. It shows also how strong is the connection between the two sides of the coin of life, and how ephemeral can be the veil between the two. Perhaps it is time we learn to access that unseen realm, and from it gain the strength, motivation, and knowledge we need to restore the life-sapping imbalances surrounding us on Earth, on this side of the veil.


J.D. James, in his book Awakening shares his life changing dream this way.

I stood on a wide cliff, high in the air surrounded by mountains. I soon noticed that I was not alone…. I looked at him puzzled, not quite knowing what to make of him. Then he spoke to me saying, “Do you know who I am?” Instantly I knew, and with full certainty, I said, “You are God.”

“Yes, I am. I have been waiting to have this conversation with you, and I know that you have a lot of questions that you have been seeking answers to.”

I immediately responded, “I have waited so long, and I do have questions.”

Smiling, He spoke, “But, in order for you to receive your answers, you have to be dead because no man can come to me alive and obtain their answers.”

I immediately took three steps back and held up both hands, arms extended, as if to push Him away. I cried out, “I want to know, but not that bad! I am not willing to die to get the answers!”

Before I could get the last utterance out of my mouth, I was dead. It was similar to a shutter clicking on a camera. One moment I was alive; and a split second later, I was dead. I was still conscious, but I did not realize that I was also transformed. I stared across the space that divided us in amazement and bewilderment, and said, “Is that all there is to that?”

He answered back, “That is what you have been afraid of all these years,” and smiled.

I said, “Well, that was . . . nothing! It was like walking from one room into another.”

“I know. Now ask me your questions….”

This third, and perhaps final, spiritual illumination came to me when I was thirty-five …. From this vision, everything in my life changed and my quest began to first enlighten myself and finally bring these truths to the world.

The foundation, as we believe, which is God does not exist.

Instead, there is a Presence mankind visualizes similar to himself with his characteristics.

Both these stories illustrate our body isn’t the real us. It’s our perception or a graphical representation for our true nature. Think of our body as a fabric, a space-time suit facilitating our – a spark of God – experiences. And as long as there’s God, There’ll Always Be Me – a you and me. Everyone and everything.

Carmen Moshier ~ Through Many Lives