Why Our Choice Counts (Part 3)

In making choices, it’s important to understand how we first developed our choice-making process. As infants, we begin understanding our world by experiencing it through our five senses: taste, hearing, smell, touch and sight – thus starting our journey on the sensory or Physical Path. Usually in our early ages, experiences not falling into these categories are dismissed or shrugged off.

Generally, as we grow, the frequency of anomalies, unexplained events, and experiences increase. Our curiosity, intuition, and imagination lead us to look deeper – past the surface – and we begin investigating what it means. We may develop unexplained additional senses, including our sixth sense – ESP.

These anomalies gradually lead us to wonder what it is we are not seeing. What is driving the unexplained we have been shrugging off? What is compelling us to begin peeling the onion, looking “under the hood” for a deeper understanding?

Thus, we begin a natural progression moving towards wondering what’s behind life’s curtain, also known as the Metaphysical Path. Life is emerging and it’s reasonable to expect we will discover other levels again and again as the LFT Life App states: Our Awareness shapes our Perception and it’s our Perception which frames our Projection or how we experience life.

Over and over, this process has been continually repeating itself since the beginning of time. Although there’s been uncountable and unimaginable leaps and bounds of progress in knowledge and awareness, our processing and assimilating it stalled out, leaving us to be unaware of or to ignore the choices now available to us.

In Part 1, we referenced “Why Bad Things Happen to Good People” and how our perception guides us in the choices we make. From infanthood on, we’ve understood our world through the choices we make, and our experiences based on those choices.

Similar to an infant who has many steps between learning to lift itself, walk, run and skip, each step in between is vital to the successful completion of becoming its best most capable version of itself. Knowledge and awareness, including science, has transcended itself countless times as it looked behind life’s curtain.

In the next post, we’ll consider some ways our progression stalled out and what awaits us in our journey. Notably, how the stall out affects our progress in accepting, forgiving, and loving ourselves unconditionally.

A sidebar: It’s not personal, nothing is personal. If anything were to be personal, it is only our resistance to consider, experience, and accept the insights found in “BTW – Nothing IS Personal!”

It’s not my fault, your fault, our fault – FORGET fault! We’ve been blaming ourselves and others, pointing fingers since we were born. What good has it done? None! But it has divided us, diverted our focus, attention, and actions.

The LFT Life APP eases and guides in the transition. See what you think?

To be Continued

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