Life’s Greatest Adventure Continues! (Conclusion)

It wasn’t easy for me to connect the dots and embrace the realization that life isn’t personal until you and I, each of us make it so! But I am so glad I did!

Accepting it’s my responsibility to interpret life’s moments was vitalizing – like waking from a bad dream!

I put my personal spin and experience it as I choose. Whether by intention or happenstance, I name and claim. I pull to me all that happens in my life. Each of us does.

Denying it doesn’t stop it!

However, acknowledging and embracing it opens the door to freedom. I always had it. It was there, calling to me, waiting for me. But when I let myself knee-jerk react to what happens versus carefully choose my next step, consistency collapses.

Source Presence has one message: “I Am That I Am,” which translates to I Am What, How, When, and As I Choose!

Carmen Moshier ~ Feel The Love

God is emerging. THE POWER – PRESENCE that IS, which I call Source Presence, is emerging through mine, yours, each of our experiences. I imagine a puzzle creating a new visualization. Something once imagined that now has emerged and become knowledge.

Carmen’s story Wonder What Wonders asks what/how I or you can imagine this world could be?

Carmen Moshier ~ Wonder What Wonders

I imagine Moses illustrated the power of picturing when leading the Israelites out of Egypt, the Pharaoh’s chariots closing in behind him, the Red Sea in front of him, he wished and imagined the Red Sea wasn’t there stropping him. He emotionalized his energy, struck the ground with his staff and the sea parted.

Similarly, later Jesus described this power, saying with the faith of a tiny seed, we can imagine and command a mountain to move.

Carmen Moshier ~ Picture What You Can Be

What message are you telling yourself?

Carmen’s Unfinished Universe is the story of the universe ready and waiting for someone to rise to the moment, asking “Do I dare?”

Carmen Moshier ~ Unfinished Universe

Same story, different perspective is Neil Diamond’s Create Me. Listen from this perspective and see if you get my drift. Did you get it?

Writing this blog has been a successful learning experience. Converting my thoughts to paper creates clarification, discovery, and elimination. I am grateful for this experience.

Thank you,

What is holding you back? If you have questions or want clarification on something you’ve read, reach out and ask me.