All is not as it seems to be. Carmen’s song “Sonlight” focuses on the distinction between the way things “seem to be” that we’re separate and your true nature of being one with The One, a spark of God.

Carmen Moshier ~ SONLIGHT

As covered in last week’s She asked me, “Then Why Am I Here?” you’re given experiences that motivate and inspire you to broaden your awareness, emerge. Life is your counter-intuitive journey of discovery, imagination and experience. Similar to a newborn learning to walk, step by step, your perception is limited by your awareness.

Called obstacles, challenges, or problems, who would have imagined they bring you opportunities. You just don’t see them until you attain the prequisite awareness. Similar to a loving parent encouraging their child learning to walk, providing a finger for their child to grasp for support. Life designs your journey, and adds detours as needed, to assist you in increasing your awareness.

Although it may not seem like it when the event occurs – you choose your response. It may be choice by happenstance. It’s likely a default choice if it’s before you’re aware it’s your responsibility to choose.

This occurs repeatedly, in different scenarios, waiting for you to grasp your options. For example, in Finding My Passion, I described my caseworker experience working with clients applying for Food Stamp assistance.

I watched some clients lose help because they were unaware they had a choice. They didn’t know to ask. I was prohibited from telling them unless they asked. Thus, they lost out and didn’t receive what was theirs, just waiting for them.

Good Thing, Bad Thing, Who Knows illustrates how your power to choose includes your choice to focus on the pros or the cons. Every coin has two sides. Everything has an upside effect and a downside effect. You choose which effect to increase. The one you feed your energy to is the experience you’ll get more of.

Always, however early or late in your journey, regardless whatever has happened, you have the choice to respond with love. Listen to Carmen sing “Can We Love It All” while imagining the feeling of learning how, and the power that will give you.

Carmen Moshier ~ CAN WE LOVE IT ALL

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