December Musings (Part 4)

Life IS What We Choose To Make It!

Carmen Moshier ~ Meditation Medley

As young children, we develop our discernment skills, discovering what’s real and what isn’t. We make sense of and understand our life at face value. We’re unaware that we are creating models that shape how we believe things work.

Models are similar to habits. They save us time and energy by giving us a cookie-cutter approach, our pattern for life. Having models isn’t bad; we have thousands of models. The problem is when we think they’re cast in stone and reject the idea we can make new models, by choosing what we’re ready for now.

Carmen Moshier ~ Choose

This is how we start our life on the Physical Path, noticing how things seem to work, how we’re certain they work. Similar to how everyone once believed the moon created its own light instead of reflecting light from the sun and earth. After all, that’s how it seemed. When Galileo discovered the moon didn’t create light but reflected light, people laughed.

It was counter-reason, counterknowledge to think the moon reflected light. It was considered hearsay. Galileo, now recognized as the father of modern science, was prosecuted for hearsay and imprisoned for life. Why? Simplified explanation – we, you and I, humanity as a whole, tends to defend its models.

We reject and deny new ideas until change is forced upon us. Think: Seatbelts, No-Smoking, 9-11, or COVID-19. Or, we’re made an offer we can’t refuse. Think: Buckminster Fuller described it as “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”

That’s what I did. I built a new financial model that obsoleted the old one. I had a vision of everyone having their fair chance, their opportunity to earn and live their dreams. The new model, my model, was a paradigm shift in personal financial power.

With no out-of-pocket cost, we offered products and services with pent-up demand at a price unmatched anywhere. All within a network marketing system. It was “Better than Free!” Do you see the attraction?

The reception was overwhelming. We were like a rocket lifting off. But the Texas Department of Insurance, although they had given me written clearance, encouraging me to proceed with my model, when they saw the response and complaints only from my competitors, took my licenses away. They were determined to maintain the status quo and had the power to do so.

Don’t take my word for it, check it out and tell me what you think.

Initially, we dismiss anomalies but remember them and our confidence in the Physical path gradually erodes. Our doubts increase as anomalies occur more and more frequently. Each time is like a tiny seed of doubt. As we ponder them, it’s like adding water and fertilizer, giving the seeds energy to grow.

As the seeds grow, we notice anomalies occur more frequently. As the frequency of increases, our curiosity, intuition and imagination lead us to ponder what it means. The energy from our wondering fosters more growth.

Gradually we begin to wonder what it is we are not seeing? We ask what is driving the unexplained we had been shrugging off? We begin looking for a deeper understanding. Similar to Alice in Alice in Wonderland, we begin looking behind life’s curtain. In so doing, we find we can change our models. We have an ‘Aha’ moment.

Thus, we begin a natural progression moving to the Metaphysical Path where we discover and experience our own “moon light” breakthroughs.

My book Living Full Tilt, Celebrate Life shares my journey on when I first discovered I could create my new story; and how you can create your new story too. This website also shares my journey, and you can send me your questions.

Imagine, fully aware (1) Your choices shape how you experience your life; (2) How to live a new story, the life you’re now ready for; and (3) The steps that guide you into living the story you wrote, all this awaits you when you take nothing personal, forgive and love yourself unconditionally.

Perhaps best of all, no one can take this from you. Man has 3 powers: political, financial and personal. As countless of us have experienced, there’s always someone or some event that can take our political and financial powers from us. No one can take our personal power, our power to forgive and love ourselves unconditionally.

Remember, you’re invited to send me your questions on the Oops and slipups that naturally occur whenever learning and practicing something new.

Carmen Moshier ~ Can We Love It All

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