December Musings (Part 3)

Carmen Moshier ~ I Remember

A Deep Immersion Experience

You choose the story you live. What does that mean?

It’s natural to doubt it but your choices shaped how you experience your life now. You may not think so. It’s likely it certainly doesn’t seem like it. After all, you may wonder, if you truly can choose the life you wish to experience – why would you think you chose this life?

It’s how we learn and grow.

We are timeless, one with The One. Our journey started eons ago. You think life is difficult now? That’s because you’ve forgotten your journey prior to this life.

Our memories selectively remember and forget, even completely wipe the slate. Think back – do you recall the times you fell while learning to walk? I think learning to walk is the most difficult part of this life. Further, if we waited until we were adults to learn to walk, most of us would still be crawling. Very few adults would fall that many times and keep getting back up until they stopped falling.

It’s not unusual that a child takes so long that their parents worry if their child will ever learn to walk. But the child does. What that comes down to is you and I, each of us, have both, a proven method to and track record of learning and mastering new skills.

But, after we learn and master the skill, we gradually forget how ‘iffy’ our success was. Too often when something new and difficult comes up, we doubt ourselves, get frustrated and give up.

Initially, it’s easier to doubt yourself, wish you had a way to learn than it is to learn. Then, after you develop an ongoing, one triumph after another, ever increasing practice of engaging and mastering, your doubts are vanquished. For most of us, that is a lifetime coming.

The Intention: Visualize watching a movie; one that captives you, engages you – because The Star IS You! Watching it, you notice you seem to experience the unfolding action and events because you’re playing your role with gusto! You’re flavoring the scenes, putting your spin, making it yours!

You wrote the script to experience it. To truly experience it, you play the role unattached to the scene; you embody the script. Focused on what you control: your thoughts, words and actions. Inspired, you play the role with gusto! For as Plato said, “Life must be lived as play,” you play it to learn the full impact of “Why” you chose this script.

Carmen Moshier ~ The Power And The Glory

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