Feeling Good – About Me!

Have you noticed: Regardless the direction you look, you see unhappiness, sorrow, and separation? I did! It wasn’t until I looked behind life’s curtain, I discovered the empowering counter-intuitive secret:

“I am enough!

I’m a child of the universe. So are you!”

Carmen Moshier ~ Child of the Universe

Carmen’s lyrics – sang by children with their naïve and vulnerable innocence, imaginative receptivity and spontaneous enthusiasm – has near-magical affects. BTW, these traits not only affect songs but life itself! Try it. Cultivate the habit to increasingly employ them for an awesome experience.

Including your realization that “I’m plenty good enough!”

Albeit for the longest time, I was caught in the trap of trying to measure up. To be good enough. Regardless how much I tried, it wouldn’t hold. I couldn’t seem to convince myself. Instead, I could only dream that someday, after I had achieved something special, I would look in the mirror and like myself – accept me, be happy I am who I am!

Singing along with these songs assisted me in breaking out of my trap. I say “my trap” because I realized it was me. I am the one who accepted the message that I wasn’t enough. In so doing, I had set my own trap! Those can be the hardest, most difficult traps to break through, but I did. If you’re in a similar trap, listen and sing along, they’ll also work for you.

Carmen Moshier ~ Plenty Good enough

I clearly recall moments, wondering “What will they think of me?” and then talking myself out of finding out. I limited myself through my own self-imposed traps. I also remember clearly when I broke through my trap, thinking “No one here knows me – I can be me!” That magical moment begins on page 16 in my book Living Full Tilt, Celebrate Life! However, that’s a story for another day.

Recalling that moment still makes me smile.

I opened the door to set me free!

Carmen Moshier ~ Feeling Good About Me

Carmen Moshier ~ Just The Way I Am

Carmen Moshier ~ Wonderfully Created

Feeling good about me – just the way I am, knowing I was wonderfully created, has kept the door open! I like feeling good about me – just the way I am. It supports my self-confidence, energizes and empowers me on my journey. It will work for you as well.

Until Next Time,

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