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Carmen Moshier ~ Unfinished Universe

Participation – yours, mine, and those who are receptive – that’s my driving hope and intention. From that spirit, I created this poster, inspiring me to never, regardless the situation, never give up!

Whether I’m waking up in the morning, going to bed at night, or in an in-between moment, I’m excited and feel alive with expansive creativity! Are you excited? Do you muse asking how does it get better than this?

What’s stopping you?

Have you imagined that what you’re waiting for, wishing for, is also waiting and wishing for you to start asking? I do. It makes a tremendous difference. That feeling, once I experienced it, I wanted it again and again. Now, I consistently give it energy and do what I must to stay in the game!

Does the thought of that, even the possibility that it’s imaginable, excite you? Does it make you smile? It did me! Then, it worked for me and it’ll work for you – if you work for it. How? Imagine. Use role play. That can’t be true, right? But what if it is? Are you receptive to finding out, letting it prove itself to you?

This post is about just that. With music to be inspired and encouraged by and to sing along with. That’s how I did it. Baby steps to start.

The first song asks you to imagine what’s possibly calling to you? “Wonder What Wonders,” is Carmen’s insights, sang by children, asking you to imagine what’s waiting for you to be, do and create.

Carmen Moshier ~ Wonder What Wonders

When I’m feeling doubtful, these lyrics, sang by children, enthuse my inner child and empower me to light my fire.

Carmen Moshier ~ It Can Be Done

Similarly, when I hesitate to give my best because I’m uncertain I’m up to it or that I have all I need, tuning in and singing along sparks my imagination and my confidence.

Carmen Moshier ~ All That I Need/Never Say “Can’t”

Carmen Moshier ~ You Can’t Fool The Universe

To be clear, this song is about giving what we can give, not what we can’t. It’s for each of us to make that call. In that regard, it reminds me of the “Little Drummer Boy” song. The little drummer boy gave what he could give – he played his best. Similarly, Carmen’s message is to give our best.

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