I Refused to Miss Out On …

Looking back to that moment, sitting on the balcony of our upstairs apartment,  depression sinking in from my realization that this was it. It wasn’t going to get any better than this. I didn’t have the strength to climb back up. To regain our home. Our cars. Our way of life.

I didn’t have the energy to keep on pushing my boundaries. I didn’t have the energy to keep on expanding my horizons.

Carmen Moshier ~ Can We Love It All

I was too old.

Too worn out.

Now, sitting here, I smile and chuckle at that memory. Now, automatically by default, I imagine and experience a warm blue aura of serenity immerse me as my mind flashes back to earlier this morning.

Pam, my wife, our 49th anniversary fast approaching, and I sitting on the sofa, enjoying our morning coffee and tea. Talking, laughing about how we now enjoy each other more than ever. We’ve learned the importance in making time to start our day with fully acknowledging each other.

Sharing our day’s plans and intentions.

I’m so grateful I refused to miss out on:

Choosing … My Choices!

Believing In Myself!

Imaging what was whispering “Create Me!” to me. IT wanted my attention – wanted me to express it. Give IT Body!

Yes, life is the journey!

The choices you and I make when we come to a fork in our path. Our actions at that pivotal moment: Do we stand tall – hold fast? Or crossover the line we believe in?

Which option do we choose?

Our choices play out as we experience our story. The lives we live:
* Do we wake up each morning feeling alive with joy and gratitude?
* Do we feel we are just going through the motions of living?
* Do we dismiss what we have and wish our life was different?

Do we look for the value in and gratefully acknowledge what we have?

Although unintentional, we’re likely unaware of it, and regardless which choice we make, we’re feeding it ¬– giving it our energy through choosing it.

What’s fed – grows!

Now, I’m so grateful for that moment, years ago, on my apartment’s balcony when Pam called out to me. I was pulled out of my depression when I scrambled to take inventory of what I was grateful for. That led me to acknowledge what I refused to miss out on!

Namely, my choices, options available to me and demonstrating my conviction.

And – That is a journey’s essence!

Until Next Time,

Carmen Moshier ~ Choose

Carmen’s message that through choice, is our power to set the lay of the land for our life. We project and experience a wonderful journey through choosing gratitude, joy, laughing and loving. My post on the experiences of William James, Viktor Frankl and myself demonstrate the life changing power of this message.

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