What Does Your Future Hold? (Part 2)

“Imagine sharing our views freely, while denying the compulsive urge to impose our view or conform to those of others, without distortion and self-deception.” David Bohm

Carmen Moshier ~ There’s An Answer

Two weeks ago, I asked, “What if you don’t know what you want to be?” and quoted Socrates: “The nearest way to glory – a shortcut, as it were – is to strive to be what you wish to be thought to be.”

Last week, I asked, “What does your future hold?” and introduced my dear friend and her thought that “it might not seem on the surface that all of the various unique beings are needed in a perfect Universe – but on deeper thought, it must be so… each of us, unique and alone in exactly who we are, is needed in the overall fabric of the Universe… Seeing as we derive from Love, it is our nature, when correctly followed, to love completely.”

It comes down to that – while you and I may choose what we want to be – that’s not really the question.

The question – the important question – is How much Love and Grace are you and I putting into ourselves and our actions?

Regardless what work we do, I covered in my Crossmark Story how I had discovered and experienced magic happens when we put Love through Grace into it.

What exactly is Love through Grace? When given freely – with nothing expected in return – Love is pure. It’s at its best. But in its/our infancy, we mistakenly think giving love requires receiving love. In other words, love has a price!

Love through Grace upfront acknowledges and accepts that in giving love freely, we experience joy. We help ourselves; we are – giving to ourselves! Naturally, we expect nothing.

Love through Grace are two sides of the same coin. They are the greatest gift(s) you and I may give or receive.

Given freely – without expecting anything in return. Once freely given, the giving is forgotten, truly forever forgotten.

However, our receiving them is truly forever with us. Carried and remembered in our hearts and souls.

When freely given to all, everyone and everything, we generate an aura of love, peace, and harmony giving birth to joy and permeating all we think, say and do.

Carmen Moshier ~ Can We Love It All

Similar to my message, listen to “Create Me,” by Neil Diamond. It’s a familiar story with a twist. I don’t know exactly what his intention was with the song, so this post gives lee-way to the song’s interpretation.

However, when I sing alone with his song, I use my imagination. I give it a twist to fit my interpretation, intention and purpose. That’s one of the wonderful liberties you and I can take with music, stories and other media. We are not bound to the originator’s intention. I think of it as putting my spin on it – making it mine!

Diamond’s story is of a Creative Presence who imagines their next adventure and calls out to catch the attention of someone. Someone wanting and waiting for the opportunity to Be.

Connect the “Create Me” storyline with Rumi’s story that what he wants – wants him. It will come to him if he waits for it versus chasing after it. It’s the timeless story of romance: She wants him, catches his attention, plays inattentive until he wants her and chases her until she’s caught him!

Can you accept that those things you’re wishing for have been wishing for you? That when you wished for them, you were responding to their calling to you, getting your attention to attract you to them? They want you. They will come to you, just as Rumi described in his story. Just as you may have preciously experienced in romance.

The lyrics tell the story of yearning to Be. The loneliness and despair in imaginative but unrequited hope: “days break, night fall and I wait alone. I sleep behind a wall, my silent call unknown. Create me.” It’s calling to you and me to “take me in your hands and shape me. Wake me from this sleep to then begin again, to live again. Create me.”

Can you accept that what you want is doing affirmations to attract you!?

Time passes, it’s lonely call unanswered, “Days break, nights fall…” unbroken despair of waiting “to hear you call my name. Create me. Breath life into my soul. And know the greatest story ever told is you and I and how we tried. And how we won and what you’ve done Creating me.”

In this story, it’s not about the winning. It’s about the trying. Again and again. Refusing to give up. The story continues “How many seasons have we endured? How many fields yet to plow? Know that my destiny is tied to yours, just need to trust me; our destiny is now. Create me.” I imagine my heart and soul calling to me. Calling me to Be.

Always emerging; there’s no end. Just a ceaseless spiraling forward. Embracing life’s call to grow.

“Lift me up and give a meaning to a dream that I’ve been dreaming, endlessly. It comforts me to see you there.” “Create Me” is humanity’s story, you and me, our story of strife and struggle, imaging and asking. Of being in The Arena.

In the end, “Create Me” closes with acknowledging our past: “There you are; we’ve come so far. How many seasons have we endured? How many fields yet to plow?” and our times to come.

I have heard these calls and experienced my wished-for dreams coming to me, whispering “There you are, I found you. We’ve come so far. Endured together. You and me, we have a history. And times to come!”

If this post has resonated with you, listen to the songs of Neil, Carmen and others. They’re on the music services, waiting to inspire and encourage you.

Until Next Time,

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” Jane Goodall

Carmen Moshier ~ Trust

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