What Does Your Future Hold? (Part 1)

Carmen Moshier ~ Wonder What Wonders

“Reality Is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Albert Einstein

Last week I wrote, “I am satisfied with my journey” and asked, “Where has it led me?” and “Where do I go next?”

While conversing with a dear friend, it was suggested I revisit and expand on:

Why Am I Here?

We, you and me. Each of us. Everyone and everything are here for a purpose. Nothing and no one are here by accident or as an extra. My friend commented, “it might not seem on the surface that all of the various unique beings are needed in a perfect Universe – but on deeper thought, it must be so… each of us, unique and alone in exactly who we are, is needed in the overall fabric of the Universe.”

Imagine a jigsaw puzzle. Consider these two questions about dumping a new jigsaw puzzle on your table.

1. If even one piece is missing, will you be able to complete the puzzle? No! There are no extra pieces. No duplicate pieces. No backup pieces. Each piece is required otherwise your efforts are in vain because no other piece can fit to fill the space of the missing piece. if even one piece is missing – the puzzle is forever incomplete!

2. Is any piece more important than another piece? No. Although the corners and edges may assist you in completing it, regardless, without every piece, your efforts are frustrated – for naught!

Carmen Moshier ~ I Am Magnificent Me

We are, part and parcel – sparks of God. Similar to a jigsaw puzzle creating an image, we are as God sees His self-portrait.

Continuing this visualization, a step further, first the micro perspective. Consider, as we are the pieces, our thoughts, words and actions develop our traits and give us color, texture, depth of character – our look and feel. The most important trait is Love. Love is where we may shine brightest. Love gives us our opportunity to experience our own Little Drummer Boy moment.

Although it seems counter-intuitive, looking at today’s world, we are here to experience Love through Grace.

Despite it being counter-intuitive, many of the greatest minds and others of notable success discovered, experienced and left us their words of encouragement urging us to doubt what we see. Doubt what we’ve been taught. Doubt what we have experienced.

This is Carmen’s message in Sonlight. Listen as she sings “Where there seemed to be shadows… rain… sorrow… pain. Sonlight is the truth of my nature, Sonlight is God shining through me.” Feel her voice convey the difference between how things seem and how they actually are.

Carmen Moshier ~ Sonlight

With all our power, strength and imagination – Doubt it! There is hope and empowerment in Love through Grace.

Then through Grace, open yourself to discover and experience the counter-intuitive truth – See with new eyes, eyes that see behind life’s curtain. Believe in and Love yourself!

Love through Grace is the greatest gift to give or receive. They are the two sides of the same coin. Both giving, asking for nothing in return, and in the process strengthening both the giver and receiver. They’re God’s gifts to us for the purpose of paying it forward. Similar to sharing a smile, the more we give the more we experience because the mere act of giving, paying it forward, we open ourselves to increase our flow.

As my dear friend commented, “Seeing as we derive from Love, it is our nature, when correctly followed, to love completely.”

That’s one reason learning to Love ourselves unconditionally is so important. To assist us, free us in and to Love others unconditionally, because we can only give when we have it to give!

Before Carmen passed, she reached out to children with her music. She had an “Aha” moment – What if humanity begins assimilating and practicing the counter-intuitive message of Grace and Love while still being young children!

After all, we absorb, learn and master new perspectives so much easier and quicker while we’re children. Although these songs were produced primarily for children, I found listening to them delightful. Hearing these wonderful messages, through the voices, innocence, and sincerity of children delivers a deeper impact for me. Experience it and see if you agree.

Below is a sampling of Carmen’s songs, sang by children, conveying this post’s message.

Carmen Moshier ~ Plenty Good Enough

Carmen Moshier ~ Just The Way I Am

Until Next Time,

“…learning to Love ourselves unconditionally is so important. To assist us, free us in and to Love others unconditionally, because we can only give when we have it to give!” Joe

Carmen Moshier ~ Feel The Love

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