What Does Your Future Hold? (Part 3)

“To change your reality, you have to change your inner thoughts.” David Bohn

Life happens… shit hits the fan. Anger and emotions break loose as we find fault and point fingers of blame. Later, we survey the damage. Sometimes we wish we had done it differently – but it’s too late then.

Have you wondered if there isn’t a better way?

There is!

Every coin has two sides, every story has a fork in the road when a different choice could have made a night-and-day outcome.

When we’re focused on the ‘shit’ that hit, stop and ask yourself, “What is life wanting me to learn?” When you find the good, give that your energy, then you can sincerely say thank you! Finding the good and saying ‘Thank you’ empowers you to minimize the damage and get stronger, faster, better.

Former President Roosevelt’s Man in the Arena speech describes how shit happens when we’re in life’s arena. I give it a twist. Life IS the arena. We – you and I, everyone and everything – we are in it – Here and Now!

There’s no choice. We adapt, learn, grow and have our best shot – or we don’t. And we lose by default.

I have found it empowers me to be grateful for all life’s events and moments that have happened. And it will empower you as well.

I accept it’s taken all my successes, my falls, the exhilarating to the heartbreaking and everything in between for me to arrive Here, Now, as I am. I haven’t intentionally hurt anyone although I’ve made more than my share of mistakes. I don’t excuse myself for them nor do I censure myself. I learn, grow, and don’t do it again.

Learning, growing and doing better are the most effective ways to demonstrate I am sorry for the pain or sorrow I caused.

As for benchmarks, I don’t compete against others; I compete against myself! Against what I have done and seek to do better – my best – BUT not perfection. Even if I were to score perfect, I couldn’t sustain it.

Acknowledging, accepting and forgiving myself and others frees me to love myself and others more fully – as I reach for unconditional love.

“Thanks To You”, by Emmylou Harris, is a bluesy little number telling humanity’s story with an unexpected twist. We know the story well; humanity has failed yet again.

No. That’s the twist. Humanity hasn’t failed – it has fallen countless times, but it keeps getting back up, dusting the dirt off and getting back on to ride life’s bucking bull again. Hoyt Axton’s “Wild Bull Rider” describes it well – we try, we fall, we get back up and do it again – each time doing the best we can!

Again, and again humanity falls – because we keep reaching for the stars, the highest stars. We don’t stay down just because we fell. No, we pick ourselves back up and have another go.

There’s the twist, as Emmylou Harris tells humanity’s story, “It would take a baby child to know the way I feel …” How does a baby child, a newborn baby child feel? Loved through Grace! They’ve done nothing to earn it, but the parent loves them unconditionally anyway. That’s how you and I, everyone and everything is loved by God.

“Ooh yeah I’m a sinner… someday up in glory, well I’ll weep and tell the story to someone who will smile and say, ‘You’re a mess but you’re my child.’” When you can hear the smile as your parent says. “You’re a mess but you’re my child,” you know you’re home free!

Accepted and loved – As you are!

Life wants us to know that we, you and I, everyone and everything, are one with The One!

To know, like you know the back of your hand – all of God is within you! Me! Everyone and everything!

There is only One power. One presence. Source Presence – God.

We often believe what we see and refuse to accept what we don’t see.

Have you watched a person holding a magnifying glass, looking at a picture? They move the glass across the picture to see the different parts. Features. If they had a larger glass, they could see more. They don’t so they move the glass across the picture.

Similarly, David Bohn discovered that the whole is in each part of a hologram. That if you break a hologram into pieces, each piece contains all of the whole.

“Ultimately, the entire universe…has to be understood as a single undivided whole.” David Bohn

Bohn’s description is the driving force of why it’s crucial to acknowledge, accept and love yourself unconditionally. Or as Carmen Moshier tells the story – “Can We Love It All.”

Carmen Moshier ~ Can We Love It All

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