What Does Your Future Hold? (Part 4)

“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.” Buckminster Fuller

Each and every one of us are doing what we can, giving our all to achieve our goals. Yes, I understand many have their doubts about this. They’re quick to point to coworkers who don’t carry their load and others whose slacking off is their SOP. For them, it appears undeniable that many do not do all they can because they don’t do anything except take.

There are two primary groups that think this: 1. With some, it’s themselves and 2. With some, it’s others.

Those thinking this way do not acknowledge or account for life’s events and their effects. From Nature and Nurture to life’s unpredictable and unforeseeable situations that may go unbelievably well or be a disaster, even tragically. Regardless, these events generally leave their stamp on us.

In the beginning, I was one of the ones who didn’t acknowledge or allow for life’s marks. Until one day, another driver and I had exchanged some heated words. I parked to break for a needed meditative moment.

Unexpectedly the Lord’s Prayer, specifically “forgive our debts, as we forgive our debtors” popped in my mind. I asked myself was that experience, that chain of moments I participated in, is that how I would want God to respond to me?

No. I hadn’t responded. I reacted. Their heated words and gestures cut to the quick and like releasing a helium balloon, the nuclear reaction was engaged.

This was a no-brainer! Suddenly, I understood it behooved me to expand my perspective. How I sometimes responded to life’s unexpected moments wasn’t what I wanted it to be. With my blood pressure up, it certainly wasn’t in my best interest, health or mental being.

I had an “Aha moment!”

Counter-intuitively – When I limited my compassion – I made myself a victim!

By giving the benefit of the doubt – I expanded my perspective, became open and receptive to experience Love through Grace!

Love through Grace cleared the path for me to design, create and build. Stop making myself a victim – instead, as Fuller encourages above – make myself the architect of my future!

Since then, I’ve become a big believer, an advocate of giving the benefit of the doubt. Countless times I have experienced the awesome value in expanding my perspective to giving the benefit of the doubt. I ask myself, “Could the other person just be having a bad moment? Could they have just been fired or been told a close one has been taken to the hospital?” This process leads me to be gracious as I don’t know.

Why Our Choice Counts (Conclusion) I covered how “The second choice is to disregard the “Why”. Let it go completely. Accept that it doesn’t matter “Why” the “What” happened. All we can do is make the best of it – or not.

We can’t change it. Accept it as it is and continue on life’s journey.

Carmen Moshier ~ Show Me The Way (And I Will Do It!)

The best choice is accepting that whatever happened was meant as a learning experience so ask, “What does life want me to learn?” then learn it.

Giving the benefit of the doubt is a twist on the value in letting go of “Why” something occurred. Whatever it was, by whoever, even if it’s yourself, the greater value is in learning from it versus finding fault, pointing fingers and placing blame.

Ask “Is this how I would hope God would respond to me?”

Loving You Again” tells the story of how God responds to us. Demonstrated by Jesus while dying on the cross who forgave the thief. It didn’t matter what the thief had done. All that mattered was the thief asked for and accepted Grace.

This is also the message of the Prodigal Son. It doesn’t matter what you or I have done or not done. That’s not the point! We are here to learn and grow.

First, we discover, then we experience. Two sides of the coin: The discovery is external, and our experience is internal. Through our experience, we feel the impact. Paraphrasing Einstein: it takes both, discover and experience to become real to us.

The downside is that generally, the “becoming real to us” experience also leads us to imagine we fell from grace and are separated from God!

When I’ve had an OOPS moment, stumbled, fell off the wagon (of whichever strategy I’m on), I frequently use “Loving You Again.” Listening closely, singing along with the lyrics, I role play telling God I’m sorry. I’ve got no place else to turn. I acknowledge I promised I’d do better. I promised the last time I asked Him would be the last time; I wouldn’t ask again. But His number is the only one I know.

I’m sorry. I’m scared. I need His divine intervention. I’m sorry I stumbled; it won’t happen again. I imagine God smiling, whispering, “I love you Joey. My heart has found another way to be lovin’ you again. You’re a mess, but you’re my child.”

This story is about being loved and forgiven though I did everything wrong. I visualize it’s God telling me His heart has found another way to be loving me again. “Every time is the last time, and every time is the first, and it couldn’t get no worse. Tell me what the meter reads, and I’ll go and get your pay” (whatever it takes, you’re mine, I love you!).

That’s the primary lesson to learn – God is always lovin’ us, you and me, everyone and everything, again.

He calls to me and you to pay it forward!

Neil Diamond tells the same story with Captain of a Shipwreck.

Initially, I thought this number was a downer: Captained a shipwreck; my Gold mine – comes up empty – Everything has gone wrong! Then, it slowly dawned on me. Life often seems that way! But, in this story, even when everything goes wrong – God is with me, comforts me, assures me. He has my back! When life brings my final moment – He will be there, comforting me – just trust Him!

In Analogies I share my dream, a ‘Footprints in the Sand’ moment.

We have a primary lesson to experience and learn – Accept and give Love through Grace. And we have a prime directive – Grow – Emerge. It’s tempting to think “I want to Become” but I already am.

My next step is to Emerge – Be that which I already am!

Carmen Moshier ~ Whole And Complete

When I accept God gives me the message described above, it’s a No-brainer. I experienced in my dream, “God turned to look at me, saying “Joey, I didn’t leave you. I could never leave you. You and I are one. My child, I carried you when you couldn’t walk.”

God’s message is the same to each of us. You, me, everyone and everything. It’s a no brainer for Him as well. Similar to my previous statement of being a No brainer for me, it’s a No-brainer for God. Remember: we, you and I, everyone and everything – is part of Him!

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman

Carmen Moshier ~ Born To Be Me

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