“No One Here Knows Me! …” Part 2

(Continuing a deeper dive examining how an experience emerged, developed and unfolded in my development. And yours as well. You, me, each of us are affected in ways we don’t even suspect but are confirmed by the timeless insight: As a twig is bent – so grows the tree.)

To recap, I had been thinking out loud, hadn’t asked anyone in particular. Certainly not expecting a response, when I asked for something fun to happen. What I happened went far beyond what I imagined. Looking back, I can connect the dots. Similar to dominoes falling. I easily visualize the events emerging, connecting as the experience unfolds.

Now, I am so grateful for that moment I met Lynn and struck the first crack in the shell imprisoning me. Later, after I got a guide and an ‘aha’ moment helped me see my confinement was of my own choosing, I wrote my Algebra Analogy.

But then I was 19. I was certain I understood life. That was before I came to realize how mistaken I was. Today, I call it a mistaken certainty. That was my first of many ‘aha’ moments on things I was certain I understood but didn’t.

Mistaken certainties are all around us. I didn’t realize it then, but I experienced that my life is built around the stories I tell myself, but I can tell myself a new story. So can you. Like a fable being made into a movie. I tell myself “this is how life is” and then I experience it. But this is only how my life is while I tell this story.

I begin by asking: Why am I telling myself this story? Then I ask: Is this a story I want to experience? How will I tell this story? I’ve learned the trick to update is by asking, let it spark my imagination and project something better.

By updating my perspective, I make new choices, my life changes – on the fly! In real time!

Carmen Moshier ~ Choose

Generally it’s not an immediate noticeable change. Like the dominoes, it may be one small moment, leading to another, cloaking the change in direction. I don’t notice it then. I can’t – I’m immersed in the moment! Isn’t that what being in the flow is?

But, looking back I’ve learned how to connect the dots. No, I don’t catch it every time. Like any new skill, it takes practice and patience.

Meeting Lynn began a slow, at times painful, habit of peeking behind life’s curtain for a deeper inspection versus accepting life on appearances. It’s a natural progression, which changes everything. It’s as Gibran described – my pain is the updating of my shell that constrains my understanding.

My desire, hope and intention is that I’ll gain even greater clarity and understanding by sharing my journey with you and others who are experiencing their own moments of fear, uncertainty and doubt. Together, we’ll realize – regardless how it appears – you, I, each of us, our lives are not restricted to how they appear.

Carmen Moshier ~ Sonlight

Giving light brings understanding and acceptance and is part of my natural progression. Indeed, they’re gifts. It is through finding my way in the midst of experiencing that I discover and assimilate deeply and experience conviction of truly knowing.

Through examining moments, experiences like that night meeting Lynn, and the events it set in motion, I learned to look behind life’s curtain and observe what’s really happening. Now I live full tilt. Aligned with my heart, in gratitude and forgiveness with unshakable and unconditional love. Everything else pales in comparison. Try it. What do you think?

Through accepting and loving myself, regardless what I’m experiencing, I better understand my journey is right for me at this moment.

When it no longer is, I’ll choose anew. It’s the same for you. It’s our natural progression.

The lynchpin is acknowledging it with unshakable acceptance and unconditional love.

Regardless the surprising twist and turns!

Carmen Moshier ~ Can You Love It All

Until Next Time,

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