“No One Here Knows Me! …” Part 3

(Continuing a deeper dive examining how an experience emerged, developed, and unfolded in my development. And yours as well. You, me, each of us are affected in ways we don’t even suspect but are asserted by the timeless insight: As a twig is bent – so grows the tree.)

There are no accidents. When Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, and like the Israelites at times, my confidence was lost. I made choices I later realized were not my best options. Regardless, in the end, I’m given what I needed. I am sustained through my moments of fear and doubt. No One Here Knows Me, my Cross Mark Story, as well as other stories describe and illustrate how updating my perspective changed everything for me.

Indeed, looking back, I’m grateful for those moments. Why?

I experienced that despite my mistakes, I’m still here. I survived and prospered through the experience itself. As Emmylou Harris tells her story, “Thanks To You” I interplay her message with my experiences of succumbing to my fears and doubts.

As Emmylou describes, I visualize God smiling as He says, “Joey, you’re a mess but you’re my child. I’m proud of you Joey, I love you.” When one hears a smile in their parent’s voice as they acknowledge their child’s a mess – isn’t that unconditional love?

I’ve found unprecedented value including a wellspring deep of confidence, drive and energy from not just knowing but embodying – feeling immersed in unconditional acknowledgement, forgiveness, and love.

The combination of Emmylou’s voice, tone, and story while I visualize my own “oops,” creates a powerful confirmation – it’s gonna be okay. One night, with that in mind and inspired by Emmylou’s message, I dreamed and created my own rpg (role play game visualization) like my dream, “a Footprints in the Sand moment”.

This reminds me of a TV series Without a Trace wherein a teenage girl, star student, senior, about to graduate with honors disappears. Turns out, despite doing so much correctly, she and her boyfriend slipped up – she’s pregnant and won’t be allowed to graduate.

She fears that after all her mother has done for her, sacrificed for her; she’s imagined her mother will be ashamed and reject her!

The thought that her mother is fraught with worry, filled with concern for her doesn’t even enter her mind. The thought that she, the daughter, is loved and accepted no matter what is beyond her belief.

I recall the episode ending with agent Malone finding her moments before she takes her life. What I recall most is agent Malone telling her that her mother understands things happen, shit hits the fan! Her mother loves her; she’s proud of her. She doesn’t care what the obstacle is – they will survive it together as long as she’s okay. More recently, Pixar’s Inside Out had a similar message – all that matters is the daughter is okay. Again, Emmylou Harris tells a story “Loving You Again” that I interplay with my own slips and oops to get through moments like this. As Emmylou’s tells her story: It doesn’t matter the cost!

When I consider the suicide rate – all ages: children, preteens, teens, all ages, this is a message our world desperately needs to assimilate: I am really important and loved enough to make it through this (whichever difficulty it is I’m experiencing)!

The One always has my back – unconditionally!

More than I ever imagined!

I’ve found the trick to finding the good, the value in each step of my journey. I’ve also experienced that in finding the value, I empower myself. I’m stronger. If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.

To that, I’ve experienced:
(1) it won’t kill me unless I give up and
(2) If it’s making me stronger – it’s telling me something good is coming!

Furthermore, life isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey and I’m still in the game!

When a difficult moment has me doubting my journey, asking myself is it really worth it, I sing along with Neil Diamond’s “Hell Yeah It Is”. Diamond’s story is of surviving and thriving through our journey. This fills me with enthusiasm and answers my question: Is my journey worth the effort? Hell yeah!

Until Next Time,

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