Everything Comes Down to This …

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” George Eliot

Just because it appears I’m not trying or I can do more, doesn’t make it true.

Appearances are deceptive, next to ‘nothing actually is as it looks.’ That’s the reason for the timeless “You can’t judge a book by its cover” truism.

It’s standard practice for coworkers to have someone they think is making their job more difficult because their coworker isn’t carrying their load. We don’t and can’t possibly know what the person we’re referencing has been or is going through this moment as we disparage them.

No one, perhaps not even me, really knows and understands the pains and the impact of the events in my journey. The pain and loss of self: Esteem; Reliance and Confidence. And – the events in our life that delays, hinders or even prevents someone developing these traits.

Over the past few weeks, I have shared my experiences, what I learned, how it benefitted me and will benefit you and my intention – What’s driving me?

In previous posts, I shared my vow to myself, and this isn’t a noble gesture on my part. It’s a self-serving quest. It’s what made me come alive embody Buddha, Howard Thurman, Ramana Maharshi and Joseph Campbell and countless others insights and encouragement to live my purpose.

With such a team cheering for me, encouraging me, sharing their insights and urging me on – the energy I need to stay the course, to push the pedal down again and again, flows to me.

Throughout our history, the greatest minds and others of notable success, have shared their “Aha moments” and left us their encouragement. I call it ‘Embrace Our Giants.’ I cite their encouragements, share my experiences and what I have learned through following and practicing it. Just as it assisted me, it can and will assist you, if you’re ready to give it a shot.

It comes down to this:

After eons of humanity struggling through survival, and a spiraling ever increasing number not only survived – they thrived and prospered. Finally, we are now blessed with technology that would be indescribable to our grandparents.

Our imagination, science and driving curiosity guided us to develop the wherewithal. The tools, the knowledge and the receptive vision of what is within our reach. Simultaneously, we ignore, dismiss and deny our common dominator.


Mentally accepting, knowing like we know the back of our hand, we, each of us – are connected. Life is similar to a puzzle and each of us is a piece. No piece is more important than another. If even one piece is broken or lost – our puzzle can’t be completed.

Through the breakthroughs in our lifetime, many of us – most of us, enjoy health, comfort and abundance beyond even the wealthiest of only 50 years ago. But, while promoting love and forgiveness as “The Way,” some children are starving, while some of all ages are hungry and homeless – on our watch!

Despite our breakthroughs, the law of the jungle still rules the day.
1. We go by appearances, ignoring and dismissing our “Can’t judge a book …” discoveries and experiences.
2. We take things personally that are not personal. The impact of this is we forfeit our power to others, lose our focus and disrupt our harmony.

This old guard thinking, crucial for survival during humanity’s earlier times, is out of alignment and acts as a broken cog in our vehicle. After resolving the physical challenges, boundaries and hurdles, humanity finds itself trapped in its own maze and hasn’t found its way out.

Paraphrasing Buckminster Fuller, humanity has created and amassed the tools, the knowledge and the means to create the Utopia we have dreamed of and the Oblivion mankind has dreaded. Whichever it is to be, we are its architects and may be its victims. The deciding call is coming from inside the house.

The only piece missing now is internal – our own awareness and perception.

For that, LFT’s 5 Foundation Points call to you.

Until Next Time,

Carmen’s “Sonlight” story within a song reminds that when you or I imagine obstacles and react to what we see, we’re judging life by its cover. As a spark of our Creator, Source Energy Presence, you and I are more than we imagine. We already have everything we are looking for.

Carmen Moshier ~ Sonlight

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