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“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Henry Ford

After the Model T’s resounding success, Ford famously remarked that if he’d asked people what they wanted, they would have replied “faster horses.” After all, faster horses could make a difference in their day. The very idea that ordinary people would have any time or use for cars was nonsense.

However, Ford understood cars were the key to transform transportation. Until the Model T, cars were simply too expensive and fragile to be little more than expensive novelties. Playthings for the rich and famous; and early adopters with the wherewithal.

For the majority of the masses, the “average Joe” life was hard, and the day was long. They were just scraping by, struggling through life, and didn’t have time to even think about such mystique.

Interesting, but what’s the point?

This is my story of what I was taught and how my life transformed when I learned to accept, forgive and love myself unconditionally, which blossomed into accepting, forgiving and loving relationships.

Accepting, forgiving and loving oneself is generally dismissed “that’s nice but I have more pressing and exciting things to do.” The common expectation is there’s little to no impact to be gained from accepting, forgiving and loving yourself. It’s even taught that loving yourself is selfish; one should love others more – not themselves. Put others’ needs before yours.

This ignores that I can’t give what I don’t have. I can’t love others when I’m out of love. Generating love for others grows from the seed of loving myself. When I learn to accept, forgive and love myself, it doesn’t stop there. It sends out vines and runners to connect me with life’s loving, embracing network.

This creates an emerging environment for a “faster horses” moment.

In Ford’s time, people would have asked for faster horses because they could imagine faster horses, but they couldn’t imagine the transformative power of being on powered wheels. The impact of motorized wheels: Personal empowerment; transformed commerce and reduced required time for traveling great distances–just for starters. This was the Model T’s legacy.

No one could have foreseen how dramatically and completely the Model T would transform the future. Faster horses could not have stirred the dynamics of imaginations sparking, interplaying, weaving together creativity, reciprocity and curiosity.

Similarly, the spiraling effects of learning to unconditionally accept, forgive and love themselves connect the average ordinary people with life’s loving, embracing network is almost unimaginable, thus easily overlooked.

Buckminster Fuller encouraged us, “If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.” Learning to accept, forgive and love yourself then sharing that with others is a new way of thinking that, to paraphrase Fuller, the minute you choose to do so, you have a different kind of life, a fuller life.

This is what Living Full Tilt is built on. Learning how to accept, forgive, love yourself unconditionally. Embracing being open and receptive to discover and experience that (wherever I say Creator, God or Source Presence …, please insert the name you use) you and your Creator are one. You and I are part and parcel of God. And so are everyone and everything. There is only One Presence, One Power – Source Presence.

Carmen Moshier, my friend and mentor, produced music, beautiful messages and stories illustrating and assisting me in understanding life’s connectivity – Oneness.

“I Remember” and There’ll Always Be Me” are two of my favorites.

Carmen Moshier ~ There’ll Always Be Me

Carmen Moshier ~ I Remember

Do they resonate with you?

They’re likely not the type of music you generally listen to. If they don’t immediately appeal to you – practice listening to them. That’s what I did. My time practicing has been paying me dividends ever since. I believe you’ll find it that way as well.

In both, their message is that throughout eternity – in the beginning, now and into infinity – you and I, everyone and everything are an unalienable spark of Source Presence. That means – regardless our slipups, our Oops, our extended learning curves – you and I cannot, under any circumstances be separated from Source Presence.

I think of Emmylou Harris’ story “Lovin’ You Again” as an analogy describing that regardless what we do, you and I are home.

Acknowledged. Cherished. Loved.

Frankly, this means what we do to others – we do to ourselves. What we do to ourselves – we do to others.

All that we do – we do to God.

Does that give you pause?

Isn’t this, by itself, sufficient reason to alter your perspective?

To accept, forgive and love ourselves, each other, everyone and everything?

If not – Are you really thinking this through?

Living Full Tilt is the story of my journey of discovery and experience. My insights and ‘Aha’ moments leading me to understand what I have experienced. Up to this point, I have cited history’s giants who assisted me with their experiences, insights, encouragement.

Standing on the shoulders of these giants, I share my tools and experiences that led me through my darkest times on my journey to a new way of thinking: Discovering then experiencing to set me free.

Along the way, you’ll develop the 5-Point Foundation that sparks your imagination while it simultaneously insulates you during doubts and uncertainties; and withstands life’s fears and challenging times; to set you free as well.

From this point forward, I’ll focus on my thoughts, discoveries and experiences more; and less on the giants who cheered, encouraged and empowered me here.

In future posts, I will introduce LFT’s sessions and subscriptions. Services available individually and small classes cheering, encouraging and empowering you on. I think you’ll find it an amazing journey.

Life’s Greatest Adventure!

I did!

It worked for me and it’ll work for you.

Until Next Time

BTW, can you imagine a game-changing reshaping (similar to the Model T) of life’s lay of the land?

Would you like to participate?

Not to be redundant, but this is important and bears repeating: Can you visualize how LFT’s tools lead you to a new way of thinking? Of learning to accept, forgive and love yourself? Then, sharing that with others increases your own flow! The minute you choose to participate, you are on a new journey that I call Life’s Greatest Adventure!

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