Life APP – What if?

We’re all familiar with apps for our smartphones, computers, and other smart devices. I developed an app to assist me in understanding and using life processes. I think of it as a trigger guiding me in remembering and understanding the process steps. I call it Life APP.

A  –  My Awareness determines my perception.
   (I don’t know/can’t use what I’m unaware of)
P  –  My Perception frames my projection.
   (I can only use what I’m aware of)
P  –  My Projection is the life I live.
   (Each of us live the life we expect)

Life APP guides and assists in positioning the user, you, I, each of us, to experiences their expectations. This isn’t a new concept; the steps are timeless and have been used by countless others as shown here.

Naming the steps, gives them energy as covered in last week’s post here effectively empowers and increases adoptability to you and me, each other, and everyone.


I’ve learned that when I’m wanting something, it wants me. I respond to it as it tries to get my attention. Many things want my energy, want to grow bigger, more popular, powerful. There are more things wanting me, wanting each of us, than there is time or energy to spend. Therefore, I had to learn to be choosy. To develop my discipline in choosing how and what I respond to.

I karaoke Carmen‘s 5 songs below to shape my perception and frame what I’m projecting into my moment. Don’t take my word for it. I invite you to play with this and experience it for yourself.

Just The way I Am

Singing “I am beautiful just the way I am … You are beautiful just the way you are We are beautiful just the way we are…” immerses me in an aura of connection, gratitude, joy and love.

Plenty Good Enough

Singing “Wonder what she’d think of me, wonder what she’d think … Plenty good enough …You’re plenty good enough … Here I am the way I am, the way I am, what I am you see … Here you are the way you are, what you want with me … Plenty good enough, we’re plenty good enough … Plenty good enough, I’m plenty good enough …” encourages me to let go of my doubts and believe in myself.

Wonderfully Created

Singing “Wonderfully created, magnificently, I’m wonderfully created, magnificently … I Am Love created me, mine to share magnificently, I Am Joy created me … mine to share magnificently …I Am a Fortress created me … mine to share magnificently … I’m wonderfully created, magnificently” gives me confidence.

Feel The Love

Singing “We are all together, feel the love today, we are all together, feel the love today … feel the love, feel the love, oh, feel the love today.”

Singing, focusing on Carmen’s lyrics facilitates my perspective, dismisses negative doubts, immerses me in an aura of acceptance, forgiveness, love, joy, and peace.

This prepares me to imagine, listen and sing Wonder What Wonders:

Wonder What Wonders

Singing “Wonder what wonders could be done by me, I wonder what wonders are my destiny, wonder what wonders I’m here to do … I wonder what wonders, it’s all up to me, wonder what wonders … I can do, I will do, what wonder I’ll be” moves me to take action.

Setting my stage in this process gives me a rock-solid foundation to project or frame myself as if I’m in my ideal situation, I focus on what I control. That which I control, what I think, say, and do, that is all I can control. I give away my moment – energy – power by focusing on what I can’t control.

I imagine how it would be if everything was exactly how I visualized. What if my life was postcard perfect?

It’s as if a smile magically appears on my face. Joyful gratitude beaming, radiating outward from me. Caught up in the moment, the warmth of a blush powering me on. I ask, “What’s the best thing for me to do now?” and I follow through, doing whatever my intuition guides me to now.”

I don’t worry or fret what that is. I trust my intuition. That’s not a lock, but when it doesn’t work, I ask again. Follow through again. Until that moment is completed, win – lose – draw!

Until Next Time,

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