How LFT Sets the Stage!

Previously, I covered here our door to the life we imagine is patiently waiting for us to open it so we can reframe our situation, choose the experience we imagine, and write our new story.

I covered my insight to be grateful for what I have now, and here how I position myself for what I want to experience. This is the process and music I use setting the stage for my adventure and training.

I’ve come to visualize every moment – each step – as coaching and guiding me along my journey. Preparing me, developing my skills, practicing strutting my stuff, if you will. You see, I chose ¬– by choice or default happenstance – the moment I’m experiencing now. You, me, each of us did.

Does that surprise you?

When I initially discovered I chose the experiences I was having, I was more than skeptical. I flat out denied it! Why would I do this? I’m not a glutton for punishment, I wouldn’t do this to myself!

As time passed, I found that many of history’s greatest minds and others of notable success had reached the same conclusion.

Indeed, it wasn’t until after realizing and accepting this unsettling acknowledgement that I opened myself up to take ownership of my journey. I became receptive to seeing me as the star of my life.

I learned that when I want something – it wants me. It’s been trying to get my attention and that’s why I respond to and want it. It wants my energy; it wants to grow bigger. There are more things wanting me, wanting each of us, than we have time or energy to give.

Therefore, I developed discipline in choosing. It’s like a cat chasing a point of light or a dog chasing a tennis ball. Me walking into a room with a tv on. Invariably, regardless of what I was doing– it steals my attention away from it.

Have you experienced that?

I’m not asking you to believe what you’re reading – that mine and others’ experiences will be yours. I am asking “What if it is? What if it will work for you?” I’m suggesting playing with it. Practicing. Seeing for yourself.

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Do you remember my Puzzle analogy? Remember, you’re not alone. We’re at our best, our strongest, in this together!

Ask, “What’s the best thing for me to do now?” and follow through again and again. Continue until that moment is completed. Win – lose – draw!

Until, Next Time,

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