Unreasonable Wishes Make Dreams Come True!

It’s in our DNA to dream of change, the changes we imagine are founded on how we view the world.

Is This a Friendly or Hostile Universe? covered how our thinking changes our world! It sets our awareness, pattern of thinking, and expectations for what we experience and how we live. What we see, discover, and experience creates the changes we set in motion and bring about.

Is it our nature to believe in humanity’s caring, sharing, forgiving, and loving nature – or – do we expect the opposite? In other words, do we see the glass as half empty or half full?

Do we want to help others? Want to see more forgiveness and love as Ratatouille described or perhaps, as his Dad explained, “I used to think that. But I’ve seen too much, been hurt, disappointed, taught, and learned the hard way. I’ve become cynical but wiser and found “the world we live in belongs to the enemy.”

Visualize a sliding scale of awareness. A line starting on the far-left side at our birth with zero experience. As infants, our discoveries and experiences begin our marker point gradually moving to the right side as we expand our awareness.

In the beginning, man’s consciousness was at zero. Other than our immediate family, there was little if any “we” or “us.” It was “I” and “mine.” Then we discovered we were stronger in numbers with others of like mind, and our tribe grew. Hunters were more successful with other hunters, farmers more successful with other farmers, etc.

Tribes grew but only those that fit and contributed could stay. It was the Law of the Jungle with tribes ruled by the strongest. Feeding on those not able to defend themselves, as illustrated in this video on Bluefin Tuna.

Nature’s pecking order seems harsh, but it’s been the way of survival, of evolution. However, a gradually growing group of individuals began imagining and wishing for a better way. A way that encompasses through acknowledging then gradually accepting differences between us. Similar to my previously covered Puzzle analogy, we’re discovering and experiencing that all bring something to the table.

It’s been a gradual process, seemingly moving at glacier speed. But, we’re getting there. And, since we’re sparks of God, there’s no rush. We’re timeless. As covered here, humanity has reached the point our ancestors couldn’t even imagine.

Does this seem an unreasonable wish?

George Bernard Shaw said, “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

Steve Jobs fits this description. By all accounts, he was certainly unreasonable. He was Apple’s cofounder, but it wasn’t due to his engineering skills that Apple became the world’s largest information technology company. It was Steve’s vision, his wish to make IT user friendly – and he succeeded! First the Mac, then iPod, then iPhone.

His cofounder, Steve Wozniak was the innovative engineer, creating for its time, the state-of-the-art Apple I, then the Apple II. Woz, along with Apple Board of Directors, insisted on focusing on what they already had. Jobs saw a different path and today that path leads the world in IT.

Imagine: How different your world be today if not for Jobs determined drive to make IT user friendly? Even if you’re not an Apple user, odds are strong you’re benefitting from the changes he brought about through being unreasonable.

Consider, Microsoft abandoned MS-DOS, changing to Windows, their version of Jobs’ vision for computers, Google scrapped their new, about-to-be-introduced mobile phone, so they could create an OS similar to the iPhone. A year later, the HTC Dream was the first Android released. So, I, my family and anyone and everyone using Apple, Windows or Android is benefitting from Jobs’ unreasonable streak!

As covered in my Puzzle story above, through acknowledging, accepting, forgiving, and letting God’s love flow freely, we find unity and complete the puzzle.

Wishing to share my experiences of discovering what I want – wants me, what do you think, is this an unreasonable wish?

Until Next Time,

Next week, are you ready to look at what’s available for you and me to be unreasonable and the progress we can make?

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