Change is Natural! (Conclusion)

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of madness, it was the time of belief, it was the time of unbelief. It was the season of light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything ahead we had nothing in front of us, we were all going straight to Heaven, we were all going straight the other way – in short, the times looked so much like the present times, that some of its more noisy insisted that it should be received, for good or for bad, only to the superlative degree of comparison.” Chapter 1. The period, A Tale of two Cities. Charles Dickens.

Change is Natural, last week’s Ratatouille clip presents a similar story.

Crucially – and more to the point – so does our world today!

Some have lifestyles with conveniences, tools, and wealth even our own parents’ generation could not have imagined – while others struggle merely to survive!

Our world itself seems under attack, falling apart, and losing the battle. This month, for the first time in recorded history – on the highest point of Greenland’s ice sheet – it rained! Simultaneously, worldwide only Antarctica has escaped the ravages of severe drought, while raging forest fires cause unbelievable damages and loss of human and animal life.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 continues to march across the world, ravaging human and animal life.

Anonymity opened social media platforms to irresponsible bullying, discrimination, and anger leading to illustrating “One rotten apple spoils the barrel.” With no one held accountable, the urge to strike back has skyrocketed!

With seemingly ever-increasing sources reporting bad news, this compounds creating a spiraling uneasy “What now. How bad can it get?” expectancy.

All this connects and increases unease as what we focus on grows! Einstein, Henry Ford, and many others urged us to realize our thinking creates the world we experience.

What do you think?

I think the essential question: Is this the world you imagined – or – are you ready to turn it around?

“Not everyone can be great; but with this, we all can be a part of something great!” Lee Pearlman, my close friend told me this in the mid 90s. I had just shared FRN with him.

You, I, anyone, and everyone, is the master of our life, – or – with practice we can learn how to be.

As covered here, James, Frankl, and other giants of humanity did it and you, I, each of us, can too.

An essential moment is when we realize and accept we are antifragile!

Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder by Nassim Nicholas Taleb is about being the opposite of fragile. Go beyond merely being resilient; grow larger – stronger – forgiving – loving; be happier, healthier, and more joyful! After all, life is about the journey! Developing skills and tools empowering you and I to make the best of being in life’s arena!

Although antifragile is not a new concept, naming it, describing it, focusing on it gives it energy, body and development or fulfillment. Naming it is empowering, and so can be the emotions (when we make positive versus neutral or negative) we identify with it.

My experiences have clearly demonstrated, convinced me, God always has my back! Being antifragile is a process of emerging – leveling up – rising to face it. Like the clip below, where Neo, Mr. Anderson, pulls himself back up one more time.

Some moments, feeling overwhelmed or downbeat, I sing along with Neil Diamond’s Captain of a Shipwreck. Karaoking that God has my back is a powerful moment for me. That steadies me to face my challenge, to continue emerging.

Until Next Time,


This “Change is Natural!” series concludes Part 1 of Weekly Musings.

I visualized Part 1 as the foundation for its role I imagined – the foundation to transform dreams into desired realities!

In the first half of Part 1, I introduced myself, my friend and mentor, the late Carmen Moshier. Carmen’s music is sprinkled throughout my posts because it moves me, inspires me, and has immensely broadened my perspective on what’s possible for me, you, and others to do – to imagine, ask, and receive.

Before she passed, Carmen authorized me to introduce LFT readers to her music. Carmen’s music is available on different streaming services but there’s a mountain of music out there. Unless you are looking specifically for an artist, it’s next to impossible to find one.

Carmen wrote, produced, and sang her music herself. In addition, she had an epiphany before she passed. An insight inspiring her to reach out to children. To spark their imaginations before becoming set in their ways. You’ll find these sung by children. As well as a few by a male friend and colleague.

During the first half, I introduced my book and shared insights, aspirations, the ‘Aha’ moments of many of the greatest minds and others of notable success. How they faced and overcame their seemingly insurmountable obstacles, struggles, defeats, and finally – breakthroughs!

Like the phoenix, they not accepting defeat or giving up inspired me, leading me to my experiences, insights, and ‘Aha’ moments. I think of them as humanity’s giants and shared how embracing their insights, ‘Aha’ moments, discoveries and experiences led me to broaden my scope, make better choices, and gain greater success and happiness.

Part 2 begins next week. Contact me and let me know what you think!

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